How to Solve Math Problems Quickly

Mathematics is an annoying subject because it is full of numerical calculations. In fact, the formulas used can be shortened, for example by using the Sohcahtoa formula.

Actually, mathematics is often found in everyday life, to calculate total spending, expenses, returns from purchases, and so on. Learning math can also help train the brain to think logically and train your accuracy.

Tips for Solving Math Problems

You can use the following formulas to speed up the work on math problems and get faster result. We have shared many tips and tricks to make the calculation faster.

Square of Five End Numbers

The way to calculate the square of numbers with a five ending you can calculate with the next sequential number. Then you can immediately add the number 25 behind the calculation result. See the following examples.


What is the value of 65 squared?


You can multiply the number 6, with the number after that, namely 7, 6 times 7 the result is 42. Save.

Then add the 25 behind it to make 42 25. The result is 4225. That’s it!


What is the value of 105 squared?


You can multiply the number 10, with the number after that, which is 11, 10 times 11 the result is 110. Save.

Then add the 25 behind it to make 110 25. The result is 11025.

The Square Of Two-Digit Numbers Starts With The Number Five

You can do an easier way of calculating using the Sohcahtoa formula, but you can also see the following method.

The first thing you have to do is add the number 25 with the ones. Then square the units number, but remember! Especially for units 1, 2, 3, the square results must be written 01, 04, 09. Then the result is a combination of these methods. See the following examples.


What is the value of 51 squared?


You can add the numbers 25 and 1 (the ones behind 5), 25 plus 1 is 26. Save.

Then square the units digit, 1 squared is 01 (according to the instructions above).

The end result is to combine the two methods above to become 2501.


What is the value of 59 squared?


You can add the number 25 with the units number behind it, namely 9, 25 plus 9, the result is 34. Save.

Then square the number 9, the result is 81.

The final result is to combine the two methods above to become 3481,

Square Two-Digit Numbers with One End

The way to do this is simply by squaring the whole number, then adding that number to the whole number. The end result is the merging of the two steps. See the following examples.


What is the value of 61 squared?


You can start by squaring 60, or 60 x 60, the result is 3600. Save.

Then add the number 61 with 60, 61 + 60 the result is 121. Save.

The end result is by adding the two steps above, 3600 + 121, which is 3721.


What is the value of 21 squared?


You can start by squaring 20, or 20 x 20, the result is 400. Save.

Then add 21 and 20, the result is 41. Save.

The end result is by adding the two steps above to 400 plus 41, the result is 441.

Multiply One by Number One

In this way, you can start by writing down the numbers, then inserting the numbers taken from the sum of the two numbers in question. But be careful if the sum exceeds 9, then the tens digit is added to the first digit. See the following examples.


What is the value of 24 times 11?


This means that you have the first number 2 and the last number 4, while the middle number is searched first by adding 2 and 4, the result is 6.

Then enter the number 6 between the first number 2 and the last number 4. The result will be 264.


What is the value of 67 times 11?


This means that you have the leading number 6 and the last number 7. Then add the number 6 and number 7, the result is 13. Since this result exceeds the number 9, it means that the number 6 is added to the 1 taken from the number in front of 13.

Multiply One or Two Numbers by 99

The way to calculate it is to reduce the number with the number 1, then subtract the number 100 with that number. While the end result is by combining the two steps. See the following example.


What is the value of 15 times 99?


The trick is to first reduce the value of 15 with the number 1, the result is 14. Save.

Then the number 100 is reduced by 15, the result is 85. Save.

The end result is by combining the two steps above, namely 14 and 85, the result is 1485.

Multiplication of even numbers and 1.5 2.5 and so on

You can do how to multiply this number by following this method. The first is to multiply the multiplier by the number 2, then the number multiplied is divided by 2. The final result is to multiply between the first and second steps. See the following example.


What is the value of 16 times 4.5?


First, you multiply 4.5 by the number 2, the result is 9. Save.

Divide the number 16 by the number 2, 16: 2 the result is 8. Save.

Furthermore, the results multiplied, which is 9 x 8 the result is 7.2.

Multiply One Digit Or Two Digits By 101

The first method is to write down the number twice. Then at a certain number, insert a comma or zero. See the following examples.


What is the value of 27 times 101?


The answer is write 27 and 27 combined, the result is 2727.


What is the value of 4 times 101?


The answer is to add a zero to the middle of the number between 4 and 4, the result is 404.

Those are tips for solving math problems quickly using the Sohcahtoa formula. Hope you find it useful!

Nascar Live First-timer: Here’s What to Prepare

You might see on the news that at such a young age, Ty Gibbs has finally won the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series. Ty Gibbs age is currently at 20 and he won the race dramatically at final lap by wrecking his own team mate Brandon Jones.

Well, talking about NASCAR, watching a race on television maybe quite entertaining. But, if you haven’t attended a NASCAR race in person, you’re missing out on the full race experience. This is a fantastic year to make a commitment to seeing NASCAR live, and here’s how to do it.

Plan ahead!

You undoubtedly missed out on races in the past due to a variety of reasons, such as cost, scheduling, and location. The first obstacle may easily be overcome by setting up a race day fund. Find out how much it will cost to enter the race(s) you are most interested in by doing some research.

Keep in mind that different races have varied ticket rates, so depending on the event you select, you may anticipate spending various sums. After that, start saving money for your NASCAR fund.

Prepare Your Needs!

For fans of NASCAR races, there are some necessities, just like you need a life jacket for a canoe trip and boots for a hiking excursion. Bring some necessities listed below if you want to get the most out of the experience.

  • Comfortable shoes: Since you’ll be standing and walking a lot, give your feet the support they need. Consider bringing a spare pair of shoes as well. If you have the chance to visit the pits or other track locations where large, loose items may be present, closed-toe shoes are more protective and may be required.
  • Earplugs: It is recommended since, although NASCAR seems loud on television, the actual thing is far louder. Your ears will appreciate you for packing some plugs.
  • You’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in the midday sun, so wear sunscreen and a nice hat. You may avoid getting a painful burn by using sunscreen and a hat with a brim.
  • Diverse attire: Even during the height of summer, the weather may change suddenly. Bring rain gear and layers of clothing in case of inclement weather.
  • Hydration: Drinking enough of water is the only way to stay cool on a hot race day. Carry a bottle of water, and sip on it often all day.
  • Race Scanner: Listening to everything that happens on the track is the best way to enjoy the race. A scanner may be rented at tracks to listen to TV or radio broadcasts, or even better, to hear your favorite driver converse with their crew chief. The only approach to gain inside knowledge and completely engage in the competition is through this.

Pick Perfect Spot!

You have a wide variety of places to pick from because there are races in so many different places. You’ll be able to choose which one is best after you know about how much money you want to spend. The closest race can be your best option if you’re pressed for time. Never undervalue the ability of a road trip to heighten the adventure, though.

Find some roadside sites along your route that are worth spending an hour or two to appreciate if getting to the race you want to attend will take a day or more (or more).

Consider Spending Whole Weekend!

Rent an RV and tailgate at the event if you really want to enjoy the whole race atmosphere. The tailgating experience is something that fans look forward to and may extend days before the cars even leave the track. It’s a fantastic chance to become immersed in NASCAR culture, meet some new people, and, of course, take in the race! (See our advice for novice tailgaters.)

If you get there early, you’ll have more time to take in the track’s pre-race festivities. Different tracks provide different activities, but since you’re already there, make the most of the extra fun!

Make sure you watch a NASCAR race live this season to increase your racing enjoyment (and your bragging rights). Ty Gibbs age is 20 right now, and while watching this young NASCAR driver races on television, you might want to see him in person and see how he drives.

But heed the warning—once you’ve done it live, you’ll want to repeat the experience!

3 Guide to Choosing Car Window Film

Car window film is something we should pay more attention to. Because the function of this glass is to protect the interior of your car.

This car glass is designed as a safety glass that will not injure passengers in the event of an accident. It is important to choose a window tint for our car windshield panels.

Usually, these car glass panels are made of tempered glass which is much stronger than ordinary glass. Therefore, the use of this window film in addition to protecting the interior of the car can also protect the passengers.

Guide to Choosing the Right Car Glass Panels

They installed window film aims to reduce heat in the car. Especially if you park the car outdoors.

Not all window films are created with the same quality. Therefore, you have to determine the quality of the best car glass panels.

This window film can protect your car’s interior from UV rays that can fade the color of your car’s interior. The following is a guide to choosing car glass panels:

  • Choose a Famous Brand

To get the best car glass panels, then you have to spend an extra budget to get quality ones.

You can choose car window films from well-known brands because they have good quality.

It is important to use a well-known brand because car window films are made from the best materials that can protect you from the sun and car windows have very good strength.

Especially when an accident occurs, the selection of car window film can reduce the possibility of glass cracking.

  • Choose the Best Window Tint

You can choose the color of the window film according to the color of your car. In addition to making your car look more elegant, this color selection also affects the level of absorption of sunlight.

It will be easier to drive with the glass that looks bright from the inside. Choose a dark car glass panel so that all activities in the car cannot be seen from the outside.

For the side of the car usually use tempered glass because it is stronger. This tempered glass is made from chemical treatment by heating the glass and then cooling it.

Tempered glass is suitable for car side glass because it has excellent strength. Glass will not break when you have an accident.

You can choose car window film according to your needs. Choose a car glass panel that can protect the skin and interior of the car from the dangers of UV rays.

UV rays can fade the color of your car’s interior. So, you need to buy the best quality.

  • Choose a Professional Place

For car glass panels to last, you must install them in a professional place. They will help you choose the right window tint for your windshield.

They will install professionally and with minimal damage. So that the car window film can last and protect you from accidents. Because choosing the right window film will protect your trip.

Basic Strategy to get Success in Forex Trading

Forex trading is an investment that is currently being favored by many people. Forex trading is said to be able to promise high profits.

So many people are interested in participating in forex trading. What makes forex attractive to traders is the high investment liquidity due to the large trading volume and high price volatility in order to get maximum profit.

You can get the best forex trading signals. You can also connect with brokers around the world.

By observing market price movements, you can have the opportunity to profit or experience risk (loss) according to price changes that occur.

Forex Trading Strategy

Many expert forex trading investors provide various strategies for dealing with the currency market. There are several things that we must pay attention to in preparing a forex trading strategy, namely:

  • Follow Market Sentiment

Following market sentiment can be the most important basis for making trading decisions. Because if we follow market sentiment, then we can understand the economic indicators that need to be studied as a trader.

If we understand the movement of market prices, then we know when to buy and sell.

  • Trend Riding

Decide how long you want to hold the position. Make sure you are also aware of market sentiment and that it is in accordance with the trend you want to apply.

You can find out the direction of the trend. Observe the trendline validity, because you can be more confident in the strategy you apply.

  • Breakout Fading

This strategy is opposed to breakout trading which seeks profit at important price levels. Breakout fading identifies a false breakout signal.

  • Breakout Trading

Almost all traders are interested in taking profits in a short time. One of the best forex trading strategies that can be done is breakout trading.

So that you don’t get caught in a false breakout signal, you can see the signs of a breakout. best forex trading signals will help you avoid false breakout signals.

  • Adjusting Fundamental Data

This strategy is the most important in forex trading. Because you can take advantage of the response from the market when the economic data releases.

The market will usually move more volatile if the number of a certain economic data has been announced with a better or worse value.

This technique is a simple technique. You just need to find the big news that will affect the world forex market. then you can make a sell/buy decision.

Economic data is most often used to implement this strategy. Therefore, studying the movement of market fundamentals is important in forex trading.

The above strategy does not apply to all traders. Because basically every trader has their own strategy. You can choose to follow the strategy of an investment expert or create your own strategy.

There are many ways to get high profit on forex trading. Because basically everything starts from data and analysis.

If you manage to find the best forex trading signals, then you are ready to enter forex trading and make big profits.

How to Maximize Video for Marketing

Is Video Suitable for Marketing?

Video is one of the most efficient media for company marketing activities. Through short videos, people can more easily understand the content of a company’s marketing content. Videos are more interesting to look at than content in the form of images or text. Currently, one of the best video marketing production houses is – Bali Production House.

How to Maximize Video for Corporate Marketing Activities

Several ways that can be done to maximize videos that will be used for company marketing activities:

1. Using the New Platform

The first is to take advantage of a new platform for producing quality videos. Currently, several new video platforms are popular, such as Facebook Live and the like. By using this platform, you will be showing videos in real-time every day.

Doing live streaming will allow companies to interact directly with potential customers. Prospective customers can certainly understand promotional content better through live streaming. They can even ask things they don’t know directly through the comment column available on the live streaming channel.

In promotional activities, most companies carry out Q & A activities with prospective customers through live streaming to answer all questions asked by them. Q & A is considered quite efficient because by answering just one question there will be many people who know the answer given by the company.

2. Make Videos with Short Duration

The second is to make videos with a short duration. Taking into account the busyness of potential customers, companies must estimate the duration of the video that is suitable for everyone, especially those who work. According to data, the most ideal video duration for promotional activities is around 8-10 seconds.

If a company chooses a long video, then people may not want to see it. So, it is important for companies to pay attention to the duration of a video marketing activity. To get the best quality video marketing, it is recommended that companies use the services of – Bali Production House.

3. Optimizing SEO

The third is optimizing SEO. SEO does not only apply to the Google search engine. Currently, SEO for YouTube has been successfully studied and used by many companies to help marketing activities using video. Optimizing SEO for videos uploaded to YouTube will certainly increase the position of the video in search.

Companies find to find words that rank highly on the Google search engine. These words can be used to increase the position of content in Google search engines and YouTube search engines. Things to pay attention to are tagging, meta descriptions, and so on.

4. Maximize Video Quality

The fourth is to maximize the quality of the video you want to upload. Low-quality videos will certainly have a bad impact on marketing activities carried out by the company. Low-quality videos can continue to increase on YouTube due to low viewership.

Therefore, companies must maximize the quality of the videos they make. High-quality videos will certainly make people more interested in watching them to the end. So far, big companies use the services of – Bali Production House to get high-quality video marketing.

Tips for A Better Forex Trading Skill

Are you a forex trader? Being a newbie in this industry can be quite challenging. When it comes to you to get good forex trading skills, plenty of considerations need to be thought. Therefore, finding a mentor to give you the knowledge to forex trading basics will help you a lot in getting along with the advanced. So, how will you get a good knowledge of improving your skill? How the skill will give you a good impact on it? Make sure you choose a good mentor and knowledge source so that you can get a good understanding of forex and how you can expand your skill.

Three Methods for Getting a Better Trading Skill

If you want to get plenty of things for your trading skill, then having a good source of knowledge is essential. Make sure you get lots of new knowledge that will make your business grows. In case you get a good trading skill, you will also find a good revenue on it. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid when choosing for a good business. Here are three methods you can try to learn more about forex trading:

  1. Learn it from books. Instead of being an electronic, digital-based industry, forex trading can be quite attractive for the ones who work for it. When it comes to you to get along with the books, you can read the best-selling books available in the book stores. Choosing a book for your forex trading activities will be perfect to try. As you read and learn about the trading and its tips, you need to know how you can consider getting along with the result.
  2. Learning by watching some tutorial videos will be perfect if you want to get them from the pro. Some professionals will give you insights about trading skills. You need to learn the forex trading basics that will help you to get along with the process. Don’t hesitate to try to learn from many sources as it will give you a complete insight about what to do and what to expect from the learning.
  3. You can also get a personal mentor. Having a mentor is not an awful thing as you can learn about new things directly from the pro. You will also learn more about some serious things that will be good to consider. If you want to learn more about this option, make sure you get the right things that will be perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to choose a mentor that will be perfect for everyone. Therefore, you will find it as a good option.

How to Learn More About Forex Trading

Just as it is so promising, forex trading can be quite attractive and unique. You might not get many things that will be disappointing. But, if you want to experience something fun, you can learn as you practice it. Make sure you learn many things about forex trading and don’t hesitate to choose it. As you get the right things to consider, you might also want to explore more opportunities in the case. If you love having it, you can also learn more about trading without getting burdened by the materials. So, learn the forex trading basics to know more!

8 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Recently, business has been improving to be so promising. Thus, being an entrepreneur is a way of life. With so many people looking for it. In many genres, people has been improving business to be good and better. But, if you really need to choose a business, you need to keep yourself ready for it. If you’re interested in getting the best opportunity in your life and get the info new technology, you can choose some things to expand your business. So, keep reading this article and get to know more about what to do for your business!

Exploring Skills and Potentials to be Success

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. But, you can’t just take it for granted. You need to do the best efforts so you will succeed in whatever you’re doing. So, here are some things you can do to boost your business:

  1. Prepare yourself for every change that might be happening in your business. The trend could be quite challenging, so you need to keep up.
  2. Choose whatever you need to improve your business. If necessary, you can get many things to get along, such as getting updated about info new technology.
  3. Always be your best, as you don’t know when you can get the business wrong. So, make sure you’re good and always be on top.
  4. Get updates about technology and gadget. Nowadays, many businesses need technology to keep up with updates. So, update your gadgets and others to survive in the business.
  5. Get more knowledge about what you can do in your business. You can get the certification for your business or join any webinar that will help you improve your skill.
  6. If you’re looking for an instant way to be successful, then you must give up. Business is not about how you can improve yourself just by luck. Remember to learn and get more updates in your business.
  7. A plenty of business rely on the leader. So, be a good leader by learning about leadership and management. It helps you a lot if you want to step your business ahead. So, don’t worry about the progress!
  8. Business is all about rivalry. If you opt to get more achievements, then why don’t you analyze your business using SWOT analysis? It’s easy and you can get more insights for it.

Those are some essential things for everyone who’s looking for a way to be successful in the business. So, if you’re ready, you can start implementing them! Easy, right?

The Small Steps for Success

Everyone wants to be successful in their life. Whether it is for them to get more businesses done or getting the project they need. If you’re looking for a good business and be a promising entrepreneur, you need to update your info new technology. Updating your gadget will give a massive impact on how you can start with your business. As you can get them, you will have a plenty of benefits by applying those important things. So, are you ready for it?

The Greatest Evolution of the Technology

The complexity of humans’ needs and the increasing of humans’ skills lead to the advancement of technology. Technology is needed to aid people’s activities in every aspect. Technology breeds many kinds of useful things. One of the aspects that are affected by modern technology is the news.

Why Do People Need To Consume The News?

It is undeniable that people always track down the news. News is the knowledge and information about a current event and about something. The thirst for current news forces humans to demand to know what is going on in this world. News can be used as a conversation’s topic or valuable and priceless information. If people miss the news, they will be left behind one way from the others. Fortunately, people no longer put extra effort to catch the news. They can access the news by phone. One of the most wanted news is information technology news.

The Three Best And Trusted Sources Of News

  1. Techarticles

It is the first choice that people can pick to read the news. Several things can be found on this website. People can dig knowledge on App Mobile, Mobile, Entertainment, Internet, Hardware, Software, Multimedia, and Techno News. That is a group of complete news, right? The information technology news written on it is credible and up-to-date. Reading the news in this website will unlock people’s knowledge and open their eyes to the modern era. Furthermore, it offers the review such as top apps and the explanation about handphone and laptop that will drag people to try the products.

  1. Ever Widening Circle

Are people looking for the fascinating news about the expansion of the technology? This will be their answer. It is an online publication that tells insights and innovations. It is no ads or politics inserted. People can find superb and amazing information technology news from the device allowing blind people to communicate by their tongues to multifunction cellphones that can save the rainforest. Diving into this website enables people to express their astonishment of the stunning technology innovation that cannot be shown by words. Moreover, it also covers the news of thought leaders, nature, creativity, science, and culture.

  1. Science Daily

People who are seeking for reliable and magnificent information technology news can jump to this website. This website can satisfy their burning curiosity. It claims that it provides the latest research news that can amaze people. People can get their daily dose of science news here by subscribing to its social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Besides, it fills what humans need the most in life such as the news about health, physical/technology, environment, and society/education. Luckily, people will not meet hoax on this website.

News becomes the humans’ needs that have to be achieved. Comprehend the news will unbolt knowledge and deflect from ignorance and misunderstanding. If people are wondering to find the reliable, they can just type and search those three best websites. They promise to convey credible and first-rate news about many aspects from technology to health.

4 Smart Technology for Airlines that People May Need

When people need to travel abroad or having such a far distance, the aero plane comes as the only option that you can take. Now, there are so many airlines that provide the flight even it is for the longest destination. Based on airlines fleet, the airlines compete with each other in order to provide the best service to the passengers.

Technology Helps the Passengers

For some people, convenience is the best thing that they should have during the flight. When it comes to convenient, then it deals with so many things. During the flight, the airlines should think of how to make them feel comfortable. Therefore, technology enhancement is needed for an aero plan to make the people feel comfortable before and after landing.

The Technologies that An Airline Should Have

Then, how smart technology can be applied in the airlines? Here are the details:

  • Smart Booking

Nowadays people like to get the instant way in order to proceed something. Hence, it would be better if the airlines provide smart booking where people can get access through their smartphones. In addition, it is suggested to provide several options for transactions. It would make people get easier to settle the flight payment.

  • Smart Check-In

The airlines will be labeled as the best one if they could create an innovation, that is self-check-in. Some airlines have provided this kind of method in order to make the people free of the long entrance waiting for the check-in process. This a convenient way for the passengers. They will get the quick process of check-in as well as the baggage that they bring. For those who really have tight time during your business, it is good to select an airline that has provided the self-check-in machine.

  • Mobile App

One of the smart technologies which an airline should have is a mobile application. People can easily get access when they should make a booking flight or proceed with the cancellation. In addition, people are begin to get attracted when an airline can give special features in their mobile app, such as e-commerce, bonuses and discount, and so on. They can enjoy the mobile application since all the things that they need are available in one mobile app.

  • Technology for the Cabin

Based on the airlines fleet information, another smart technology which should be applied by the airlines is inside the cabin. Besides the luxury interior, spacious legroom, and comfortable seat, the application of technology is needed. When an airline can deliver a great service, then the loyal customer will come to them regardless of the flight fare. Most of the top airlines provide the Wi-Fi connection so that the passengers may get access to internet connection during the flight.

Those are the things that you should know about smart technology for an airline company. We are living in a digital era where people can get access through their mobile phone. The use of smart technology is not only helpful but also more convenient. Keep yourself updated on airlines fleet to get lots of information for the airlines.

The Future of Motherboard Technology

The motherboard is the most crucial part of the computer since it is contained with basic input-output system or BIOS, input and output connection controller or chipset, graphic card socket or VGA card, memory socket or RAM and the other additional cards such as PCI and ISA. We will discuss about the Best Gaming Motherboard that will make computer works faster

Motherboard Recommendations

In the precocity of technological development, seems like the use of memory with the DDR4 slot is very common for those who are enthusiastic about gaming. This is one of the forms and efforts to make the whole kit and caboodle of maximum gaming motherboards. The faster the acceleration of the motherboard will make the gaming experience on the PC platform a lot better. Here are some best motherboard recommendations that are compatible with gaming.

  1. AsRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac

The features owned by motherboard AsRock Killer SLI/ac are very sophisticated. It is fully equipped with Intel® 802.11ac WiFi onboard feature and Bluetooth 4.0 feature. The other interesting part of this motherboard is, it has an efficient overclocking that is suitable for the gaming experience. It supports 7th and 6th generations intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron®/Processors (Socket 1151). It also supports DDR4 3733+(OC). For the AMD it has AMD Quad CrossFireX™ and NVIDIA® Quad SLI™. The graphic output options for this gaming motherboard are HDMI and DVI-D.

  1. Gigabyte Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9

Extravagant features that you can find in Gigabyte Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9 motherboard are ideal gaming rig, EK hybrid block water cooling chipset. It is one of the Best Gaming Motherboard based on those features that will turn a pretty penny for you since you do not need to buy a costume water cooler. Gigabyte Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9 supports 7th and 6th generations intel® Core™ Processors. It also has dual-channel 4 DIMMs, Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, DDR4 4133+(OC). It also has 4-way graphics that is supported with Ultra Durable™ Design and Dual Armor. It supports RGB Fusion with Multi-Zone Light Emitting Diode light show design and featured with Smart fan that have 5 features of multiple temperature sensors and also the hybrid fan headers.

  1. MSI Z270 SLI PLUS

This MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Motherboard is equipped with advanced technologies such as overclocking features. It is in due with VR ready, VR boost and Audio Boost 4 which make it the best virtual reality experience without latency, reduce motion sickness and so on. It supports 7th and 6th generations intel® Core™ processors for LGA 1151 socket. The memory socket supports DDR4-3800+(OC) and DDR4 Boost with steel armor to give a booster for memory performance. The other feature is Military Class 5, Guard Pro that provides the latest evolution in high-quality components for best protection and efficiency.

  1. ASUS RoG Maximus IX Hero

The other Best Gaming Motherboard is ASUS RoG Maximus IX Hero that is suitable for overclocking process in your CPU. It is also equipped with eight 4-pin fan header and breakout as the adaptor for the whole part of the fan header. It has SupremeFX to give the high-class new codec and in-built Sonic Studio III and Sonic Radar III.

7 Tips on How To Look Cool

The dream of many people is undoubtedly to be cool and seem attractive. If someone knows how to appear cool and nice, they can make themselves look excellent. One of the way is by getting a tattoo in Bali tattoo studio.

Talking about the tattoo, the physical appearance do affect a lot on how people see you. People, especially men, want to appear flawless and gorgeous, too, just like women do. Particularly for males hunting for their soulmate or men in relationships who wish to keep up their looks at all times.

Here are some quick methods to look cool and stylish at anytime, anywhere, or any occasion.

Clean Up and Get a Parfume!

The most important thing is to look cool is to get a clean and fragrant body . Take a daily shower and wash your entire body, including your hair.

After that, dress comfortably and neatly. Don’t smell terrible, especially while meeting new people. People around will find someone’s body odor to be particularly unsettling. So, if you want to appear cool and appealing, avoid it.

Casual Shirt

Men’s casual shirts are one of the outfits that may always intrigue ladies for everyday wear since they present a nice appearance without being rigid and allowing for greater flexibility. Fitted men’s casual shirts will provide a man a cooler and more manly fashionable appearance.

Shirts today come in a range of patterns and colors, making them less dull to wear. Mix a shirt with a sweater or plain shirt for complement to perform at your best. If you wear both jeans and chinos in neutral colors, our appearance will look cooler.

Denim with a T-shirt

For a stylish, cool and manly appearance, pair your t-shirts with the appropriate amount of jeans. Wear a shirt that fits your body shape in a neutral color.

If you want to appear more masculine, choose straight cuts of jeans that aren’t too tight or skinny. Avoid wearing baggy clothing because it will make you appear shorter or fatter.

Converse Or Boots

Take off your sandals and put on shoes, especially with sneakers or boots, for the next stylish outfit. Women prefer to see guys wearing shoes because they appear more put together and appealing, regardless of whether they are in a formal setting such on a date.

Sporting Or Denim Clothing

Whether you’re wearing a jacket, shoes, or sports accessories, sporting a sporty appearance may also make you seem stylish. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid wearing short pants.

In addition to being sporty, wearing denim is the type of men’s clothes that women choose the most since it gives you a cool, youthful, and stylish appearance.

Put On Watches

Wearing a watch is the next step to looking stylish after selecting a model of clothes, style, and shoes. Wearing a men’s watch makes a man appear more mature and manly. Select a clock that complements your personality and fits comfortably in your palm.

Right now, you can purchase a wide variety of watch models and brands online. An online marketplace called Tokopedia offers the broadest selection of brands, from quartz watches to automatic or mechanical timepieces (with batteries). On Tokopedia, in addition to timepieces, you can discover a variety of designs for t-shirts, jeans, and men’s casual shirts.

Get a Cool Tattoo

In addition to the ways mentioned above, body tattoos are a popular way to get a cool and stylish appearance.

If you are in Bali and want a unique tattoo, just head down to the local Bali tattoo studio. Just a piece of advice, choose for a tattoo studio that lists pricing per tattoo rather than per hour. This is so that a tattoo artist will have more creative flexibility to complete your tattoo and you won’t pay extra if the tattoo you want requires a lot of time.

Car Engine Care and Maintenance Tips

Diesel engines have different ways of working and also different maintenance. We know that there are two types of engines used in cars; the first is the diesel engine and the gasoline engine. As the name implies, the gasoline engine used gasoline. Then what is the fuel for the diesel engine? Besides gasoline, another type of fuel is diesel. As the most reliable diesel engine and more often used in large vehicles such as trucks and buses, how does a diesel engine work?

How Diesel Engines Work

In discussing how a diesel engine works, you need to know the 4 steps that must be passed while working. Each step is interrelated with each other to produce maximum performance. These are the 4 working stages of the most reliable diesel engine.

1. Suction Stage

The step at this stage works by the force of the air going through the chamber of combustion via valve. The occurrence of this condition is the result of the piston movement from TDC to the BDC. When this step starts, the drain valve is in closed state while the step begins to work. Look for the suitable oil code with yours.

2. Compression Stage

After the suction stage is passed, it continues until a compression stage. This is the process of compression that occurs inside the engine when the compressing air process is happened as the piston movement from BDC until TDC. The process of intake-exhaust in air valves are closed and cause the air press and also rise the temperature.

3. Work Stage

A process of combustion occurs at the working stage of the process. In this process, the piston will start to push and move the engine. Then, this process still continues while the piston is moving begin in TDC until BDC.

4. Discard Stage

This is the final step in the process of how a diesel engine works. The results that come out of the engine process of combustion which has appeared are going to be discharged using a drain valve. As in the latest step, the piston is still moving at the TDC until TMB. The suction valve condition in this process will also be closed.

5. Advantages of Using Diesel Engines

The use of diesel fuel is an advantage in the most reliable diesel engine. Diesel fuel has a price that tends to be more affordable when compared to the price of gasoline. Diesel engine working system without utilizing spark produces more efficient performance. A car with diesel engines is also more durable and does not need to use spark plugs. Maintenance costs are bound to be lower or more efficient.

Steps that must be taken to keep the most reliable diesel engine working properly.

1. Suitable Fuel

Diesel fuel must have low sulfur content but high cetane content so that the diesel engine can work optimally and there are no disturbances. High sulfur content in fuel can disrupt the fuel distribution system, decrease engine performance, and shorten engine life. Adjust the fuel used with the recommendations in the vehicle manual.

2. Always Pay Attention to the Fuel Filter

Make sure the performance of the fuel filter on the diesel is running optimally and dirt will not enter the fuel injection system. The warning light on the car’s instrument panel will light up when the diesel filter is dirty. Clean or replace with a new diesel filter.

3. Clean Water Sedimentary and Air Filter

Check the air filter that filters air into the combustion chamber and clean air makes engine performance always maintained and fuel efficient.

The water sediment catches the water content in the fuel line so that it does not enter the fuel system and does not interfere with engine performance and keeps it from rusting.

4. Warm up the Engine

Start the engine for 2 minutes enough to make the lubricant evenly lubricate all parts of the engine. Let the engine run for 1 minute then turn off the engine for a moment to cool the engine that works in extreme conditions such as turbo.

5. Change Engine Oil

You need to change the engine oil regularly every 6 months. This is important to keep the oil always be in good condition and can protect the diesel engine components properly and evenly.

6. Routine Service

Maintenance is easier and important diesel engine components will be inspected and replaced if there are problems or it is time to replace them.

Those are some things that need to be considered so that your diesel engine is maintained and durable for a long time, and is comfortable when used, especially when driving long distances. Don’t let your machine go down and be forced to sell it at a much cheaper price. Diesel engines are currently more sought after because the price of fuel is cheaper. You only need to take care of the machine, and then you will be able to save a lot of costs, rather than having to incur unexpected costs later on, and I am sure that you do not want that happen.

5 First Time Rental Guides for Tenants

Renting a house or apartment is what we need. Unfortunately, the price of renting a house is very expensive these days.

The solution is we can rent a mobile home. Mobile homes are the right choice for those of you who want to rent a house on a low budget and have freedom.

There are many mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that can be our recommendation. The main reason why many people prefer mobile homes is that the rental costs are much cheaper.

In addition to cheaper rental fees, mobile homes are also profitable because the property and landowners are responsible for house maintenance.

Tips for Rent Mobile Homes for Beginners

Statistics say that nearly 18 million Americans now prefer to live in mobile homes. Because there are many benefits, especially from rental fees.

There are several things that we must consider before renting a mobile home. Here are tips you can follow:

  • Budget

The first thing you have to prepare is a budget. Prepare a budget carefully and make sure your income is greater than the budget for rentals.

You can choose mobile homes for rent near me under $500 to be more efficient. Because during renting there will be needs or unexpected events that we must experience.

  • Location

Pay attention to the location of the selection of the mobile home. You can rent a house in a special location for mobile homes. Or if you want to rent someone else’s house, you can.

Currently, there are several mobile homes locations that you can rent. Do not rent mobile homes in the city center because the price will be much more expensive.

  • Lease Agreement

Essential for anyone starting on renting a home. We should study the lease agreement.

You must understand your rights and obligations as a tenant. And also, the rights and obligations of land voters.

  • Check the Condition of the House

You can survey and check the condition of the house. You can meet the owner of the house and talk about a few things.

It is very important to check the condition of the house before moving in. If there is certain damage, you can immediately report it to the homeowner.

Understand the instructions and rules that have been prepared by the homeowner. Make sure you can use all the properties in the mobile homes to the fullest.

Also, talk about if there is damage later. Will the tenant have to pay the fine or will the owner be held responsible.

  • Renovation

Choosing mobile homes for rent near me under $500 is not difficult. Many mobile homes with sufficient facilities for you.

If you have checked all parts of the house, you can decide whether you want to renovate or not.

You can repaint the house you will live in. You also need to buy some equipment that may not be in the house.

Those are some guides for those of you who just want to rent a mobile home. Hope it is useful!

How to Design a Share Trading Strategy?

Forex is still one of the popular types of investment recently. The profit that is given by doing forex trading is so potential. Then, many people select forex trading as the investment choice. The best forex signals itself helps to increase the profit generated by trading. Furthermore, investing in forex also an easy way to do in finance, even the trader has the limited capital to invest in foreign exchange trading.

To get a profit, the trader must have good skills in managing this investment. First, the trader is supposed to learn and dominate the basic knowledge related to forex trading in the capital market. Then dominate the right strategy that will make it the trader easier to earns the profit. This important because later the trader can make profitable decisions in the running investment.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is an activity of selling and buying a particular currency to gain a profit in the marketplace. Forex trading is different than stock investment. A trader will choose to buy a certain currency and sell it in a short time. But the sale happens with consideration and perfect analysis. In stock investment, the investor chooses to buy a stock and sell it for a long time. It means the transaction of an investor does not short like a trader.

The trader sometimes uses the forex signal to perform automated market analysis and monitoring services offered by brokers, paid or free. Now, the best forex signals information is found easily on the internet.

How to Design Trading Strategy?

  • Follow the market sentiment

The trader can make a trading decision based on the market sentiment. It would be easy to do by know economic indicators and analyze price movement after fundamental data published. Those two factors have influenced the market sentiment, so the market sentiment will move actively.

  • Trend riding

Also known as trend following. Trend riding is one of the strategies by following the trend to get the chance and profit as soon as possible.

  • Manage loss trading

Whether a stock investment or forex both are having high risk and high return. Especially forex, which has a fast movement and big loss risk. Therefore, require a good mentality to analyze and manage the loss carefully. Those are important to avoid loss potentially during foreign exchange trading.

  • Select the trusted broker

When the trader starts to invest in foreign exchange trading, the first thing that the trader must be noticed is the broker. It is essential to select a trusted broker. The benefit of choosing the trusted broker is trading platform can be used optimally without any distraction continuously. The trusted broker also gives convenience, like call center service that available 24 hours.

  • Select the best forex signals

Forex signal is an indicator that is used by most traders for making the right decision when trading. By selecting the right forex signal, it will help the trader to get relevant information about entry and exit trading by sending an email or message.

How to Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

For a company, it is an obligation to maintain the quality of their company. And this can be done in various ways, one of which is to write up form for your employees to fill out.

Keeping the best employees will certainly be a difficult thing because they are one of the important pillars in maintaining the quality of the company. So we recommend following the following ways to retain good employees.

Give Them Respect

One way to keep your best employees is to show them your respect. Even though you are the boss, this does not allow you to do anything arbitrarily to your employees.

To keep their performance improvement without any problems, you can build a healthy work environment by giving respect to everyone. Because if you don’t give respect to your workers, it will probably make them uncomfortable and uncomfortable while working so they will not perform optimally.

Ask for Feedback

The way to keep your good employees happy to work for the company is to ask them about your performance as a boss from time to time. Because this way they will feel closer to the boss and can express some complaints that they may not have dared to say before.

So, you only need to write up form, containing their assessment of your performance as a boss. This can be used as an alternative to correct yourself so that you can become the boss your employees want.

Give a Reward

To keep your good employees, we recommend giving them an award in the form of a gift as a thank you to them for their hard work for the company. The quality of work and of course will increase because their motivation to continue to grow can increase.

This will not only be a motivation for your best employees but can also be used as a lighter so that other employees can be more motivated to work to get awards and prizes.

Give Them Relaxation Time

Working continuously will not give a good impact. Because it will have the potential to cause various problems, such as fatigue and also boredom of the employees.

Therefore, to be able to keep your work afloat and maintain its performance, give them some relaxation time. This can be used as an alternative to making them not feel bored at work and continue to be enthusiastic because it can be considered that their work is not heavy.

Based on the information we have mentioned above, it is very clear that currently there are so many ways that can be used to Hire and keep your good work. Because by implementing this, the company’s performance and quality will continue to increase.

Because this is supported by the human resources of the company which causes the rating of the company to continue to increase.

And try to write up form to be filled in by your employees occasionally so they can find out some things you don’t know in the field where they working.

The Most Important Car Maintenance

Routine car maintenance will certainly keep your car’s performance optimal. We should not underestimate car maintenance and must do it regularly.

One of the car maintenances that must be done is Car Window Tinting. Car window tint has many benefits such as UV protection.

In addition to window tinting, another car maintenance is also mandatory so that the car continues to work optimally.

Car Care Tips

What should we do regularly to maintain our car engine? Here are the things we must do to take care of the car:

  • Change the Oil on Time

Car oil is a very important thing to pay attention to. Because oil has a vital function to lubricate the inside of the engine.

Oil also functions as an engine coolant. So, if we don’t replace it regularly, then the car engine becomes problematic and of course, there are other problems.

  • Check the Water Radiator

In addition to oil, you also have to check the radiator water fluid. No less important because this fluid serves to cool the engine to prevent overheating.

Also, pay attention to the glass cleaner. Especially if it’s the rainy season, this liquid really helps you to drive in the rain.

  • Choose the Right Fuel

Choose the right and best fuel for your car. because if you choose the wrong fuel, it will affect the performance of the car engine.

  • Car Battery Maintenance

The car battery is a component that must be considered because it is vital for driving. Car batteries can make the engine last longer and more durable

  • Doing Car Glass Tinting

Car Window Tinting is one of the car maintenances that we must do. Car window tinting can add to your safety while driving.

Many people still underestimate the color of car windows. Though car glass care provides many benefits.Here are the benefits if we do car glass staining:

  • Reduces fading

Car window tint can block ultraviolet rays from the sun which can make car upholstery fade. Protect your car’s upholstery by tinting car windows.

• Protects skin from UV rays

Do not deny when we drive in hot weather, of course, the sun’s UV rays still penetrate our skin. To prevent skin damage, we need to stain the car windows.

• Reduce heat in the car

In addition to protecting the car interior and your skin, car window tinting also reduces heat in the car. This happens because the window tint blocks some of the sun’s heat on your vehicle.

• For Your Privacy

The color of the car glass also protects your privacy. because the dark windows make it difficult for other people to see your activities in the car.

Those are some of the car maintenances that we must do regularly. Including Car Window Tinting, we can do it and choose the best product for our car window.

Don’t forget to do regular a car service. So that the car’s performance remains optimal. Car maintenance also makes the engine more durable and long lasting.

5 Guide Before Buying a Wireless Printer

The use of wireless networks is now not only for smartphones or computers, but printers are now also using wireless technology.

Wireless printers are an innovation in printing machine technology that does not need to use cables to connect to a computer. But you have to use Printer Driver Download to use this wireless printer.

The Difference Between a Wireless Printer and a Regular Printer

Wireless printers use advanced technology because all devices can use the printer simultaneously by utilizing a network connection.

To connect to a wireless printer, we need a server device. We must first connect to this server to be able to connect and print documents using a printer.

It’s different from the usual printer because we can’t make many devices able to print documents at the same time. In addition, we also need a network connecting one computer to the printer.

Tips for Buying a Wireless Printer

Wireless printers are a printing technology that no longer requires a server computer. Only using a WIFI network, we can print directly from any device.

There are a few tips before you buy a wireless printer, here’s a list:

  • Cartridge Quality

Before you buy a wireless printer, it’s a good idea to know what type of cartridge to use. You can use an inkjet printer with cartridges that have 5-6 colors so they are easier to manage.

You have to change cartridges frequently if the printer is used frequently. The better the quality of the cartridge, the more concentrated the prints will be.

  • Multifunction Printer

Basically, choosing a wireless printer is the same as choosing a printer in general. We have to consider the existing features.

Printer Driver Download will help your printer function optimally. Choose a printer that has a scan, copy and fax feature. Although more expensive, multifunction printers are much more needed.

  • How Many Devices can Access

Wireless printers can be used by several computers or smartphones at the same time. But you need to ask the seller, how many devices can be connected and simultaneously print documents.

  • Check Additional Features

If you want to buy a wireless printer, make sure you get a USB cable as a backup in case the WIFI network is unstable. So, the USB cable can be a backup.

Check for additional features whether the printer can read and print documents directly from the SD card or control the printer via cellphone.

Does the printer have different paper settings if we print from another computer? Ask the seller before buying.

  • Make Sure to Get a Product Warranty

Most importantly, before you buy a wireless printer, make sure you get a product warranty. Either official warranty or store warranty.

This can minimize the risk if your printer or WIFI network is damaged. You can still fix it at the service center.

after you buy a wireless printer, don’t forget to install the Printer Driver Download so you can use it optimally. Choose a printer with the best brand and the best features.