10 Useful Tips for the Beginner Traveler 2019

Who doesn’t like to take a walk? Visiting a new place and enjoying the atmosphere outside the routine is certainly fun, especially for those of you who really enjoy traveling. If indeed you want to start being adventurous and make it a compulsory activity, thankfully it produces, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to.

Things You Must Know to Begin the Journey

When you become a traveler, you are not just to let go of fatigue and make yourself happy with the journey you are going through. You must be good at telling and taking interesting pictures to share stories. But, before you think about how you tell the journey, there are things that you must understand before starting the journey.

  1. Start from an easy place

Starting from an easy place here, the location is close, access is easy, language is understandable, and costs are affordable. For example, if you live in Jakarta, you can start traveling to Bogor, or Cirebon, Bandung, West Java, and the surrounding area. Detail your trip so that it can be interesting information for others.

If you choose a tourist destination abroad, start from a country that has the same language, for example to Malaysia or Brunei Darussalam. Visa-free countries are also an attractive choice because you don’t have to bother taking care of them.

  1. Communication

Connecting to many people through the Internet is a must. Imagine how futile it would be if you couldn’t upload pictures on social media accounts at that time while enjoying a memorable experience in one place. So, make sure your cellphone network connection is always okay.

For those of you, who are traveling abroad, make sure the cellphone you use can work for SIM cards from various cellular operators. Mobile phones that are ‘factory unlock’ will make it easier for you to communicate wherever you are. Arrived in the destination country, select a provider that has a strong and stable signal even though you move and consider the price, too.

  1. The right bag

Bags that are used to travel to the mountains, to the beach, or to comfortable tourist attractions are certainly different. Sometimes you need to carry a backpack; there is also a comfortable place to carry a suitcase. Make sure you know the bag that is suitable for carrying all the equipment along the destination location.

  1. Bring the right equipment

When the bag is selected, it’s time to sort the contents of the bag. If you carry electronic equipment, choose a brief one and don’t eat a lot of space. For example, headphones are more practical to carry than a headset. Tablet computers can be an option rather than carrying a laptop.

  1. Packing technique

Pack this easily. Maybe at first, you want to bring all the items listed. Even if loaded into a bag, pay attention to the overall weight or weight. Make sure you don’t mind bringing it all because it will drain you and make you tired all the way.

  1. Data in the cloud

If the camera is left behind or the small memory card is tucked away somewhere, you don’t need to worry because all the data or travel documentation is stored in the cloud. Now there are many cloud computing data services that can be used anytime and anywhere, provided they are connected to the Internet.

  1. Download important applications

Interpretation services, maps, clock, and directions are applications that must be on the traveler’s mobile. Don’t forget, of course, social media accounts, of course.

  1. Choose a hostel rather than a hotel

Do not hesitate to choose a hostel because it can reduce the cost of lodging. Don’t think that the hostel is dirty, noisy and dangerous. Because out of there; there’re also many hostels with good service. What is important, you must hunt for hostels that have a good reputation based on the experiences of other travelers.

  1. Lock the cellphone

Make sure your cellphone is locked when traveling, especially to areas that are quite vulnerable. Avoid bagging a cellphone or carrying it in a public place to avoid mugging. Even if it’s bad luck, you can expect the thief can’t access the data on the cellphone. If necessary, download the anti-theft application on your mobile and always activate the tracker feature.

  1. Take care and stay alert

When traveling, remember that we are visiting someone else’s area. Take care and stay alert to the new people you meet. Not a prejudiced intention, but preventing is better than it already happened right?