Tips for Managing Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, or the daily language of snoring, is a sleep disorder that can be experienced by anyone. Not only people who are elderly but also young people. Not only big ones, but small ones also can. If it’s caught snoring, it’s natural if we feel embarrassed. Especially if we snore to make other people disturbed. Well, before getting caught and really embarrassed, you can try simple ways below. Maybe your snoring doesn’t disappear at all, but at least it can be reduced and not as annoying as it used to be.

Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping in a slanted position is effective in preventing snoring. Place the bolsters behind your back so that these tips are more effective. This is one of the easiest tricks to prevent snoring which is sleep on your side. In this position, the tongue and muscles of the back of the mouth will not be easily pushed back and cover the respiratory tract as often happens when we sleep on our backs.

Well, if you want to sleep on your side, place a cushion/ bolsters behind your back. This way, you will more easily maintain your sleeping position throughout the night. If you change your sleeping position like this, but not effectively prevent your snoring, you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor, because your snoring may indicate a more serious medical condition.

Reduce Weight

If you are fat, try reducing weight. Obstructed respiratory tract can trigger snoring. But thin people can also snore, but those of you who are big are more susceptible to suffering snoring. The reason, of course, is the respiratory tract that is obstructed by neck fat. Therefore, one effective way to overcome snoring is to reduce weight. Start reducing carbohydrates in your diet and exercise regularly. There is no need to refrain yourself and exercise too much, which is an important routine at least 30 minutes a day.

Sport Exercise

People can snore due to fatigue, to prevent this, you can exercise regularly and get enough rest. Many people who normally don’t snore, except when they’re tired. When you are tired, your body’s muscles will weaken and become weak, including your breathing muscles. Well, then this is what causes snoring. The most effective way is to strengthen muscles with exercise. Also, make sure you have enough rest. This way you don’t have to worry about snoring all night because your body is tired.

Bathing In Warm Water

Sometimes snoring can occur because there is a problem in your nose. That’s why people who are having a cold or ‘blocked’ nose will snore loudly while sleeping. Well, if the case is like this, try to take a warm bath right before going to bed. The warm steam of bath water will open your blocked nose and make it easier for you to breathe during sleep. Not only that you can also wash your nose with warm salt water. That’s it some tips for you who has the obstructive sleep apnea, hope those tips above can help.

Beauty Tips to Get that Beautiful and Clean Face Skin

For women, getting blackheads on the face is such a big problem. They commonly appear to those whose skin is oily. They are the clogged oil which makes your face is getting dull if you do not clean them up. However, what makes it as a problem is that they are really tiny and spreading on all your face.

Common Face Problem

That is very annoying to remove all of them one by one. There should be a treatment which makes all of them get rid of your face. Then, your face will be much brighter and cleaner. However, it is not a good way to push out the clogged oil by yourself. It makes the pores are getting bigger. Then, do not ever think to pinch them out with your fingers.

Besides, women like to take cares their face, especially who are in above 25, you need to start to look for your face to avoid the aging. Therefore, you should keep your face clean.

How to Get Face Beautifully Clean

Here are the tips to make you face keep clean:

  • Recognize the type of your skin

First of all, you have to recognize what type of your skin is. This is important since different type of skin has different ingredients or properties to treat. In many cases, women only look at the function of the product in selecting skin care. Then, it is better for you to know whether your skin is dry, normal, oily or combination.

  • Use a routine skincare

In order to keep your face clean, you need to wear skincare in a routine. It means that there are two times when you need to apply the skincare to your face. The first one is in a day when you are going to start your activities. Use the skincare which can protect you from the UV light. Then, for the night, you should select the product which has a function to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Facial treatment

Beside applying skincare, you also need to get the facial treatment. Do this at least twice a week. Get your face scrub in order to exfoliate your skin and get rid the blackheads off. This is more effective than using the sheet mask. Also, your face will be brighter and oil free.

  • Clean your face after activity

When you are going home and before you go to bed, you need to clean up your skin. Use micellar water or milk cleanser to remove all the dust and sebum from your face. Then, wash your face and apply the skincare. This way will make your face get its nutrition so that it avoids you from early-aging.

Those are several tips on how to make your skin keep clean and free of blackheads. When you have them a little, your face may look clean and brighter as well. Get the skincare which suits your skin type and does the treatment in a routine. Also, drink plenty of water will make your face always look clean and healthy.

10 Basic Office Equipment that You Should Have to Build a Small Office

If you are going to build a small office for your own business, you need to know several things to prepare. Besides the building or the room, you will need several supporting devices, such as a desk, document holder, printer, etc. In addition, you need to have original printer drivers that can help you to use the printer immediately. No matter how big the office is, all the things that you need is complete all the devices to make your business going smoothly.

List Out Your Needs to Create Small Office

You need to make sure that you list out the things that you need for your small office. It is important even if you only build a home office that will be employed by some persons. On the other hand, preparing the office needs does not mean that you should expense much. It is possible for you to have a small office with complete devices as long as you have these 10 basic office needs. What are they? Let’s check out!

Basic Equipment that You Should Have for Small Office

Here are 10 basic office equipment that will support your office activity:

  1. Desk

This comes as the main office furniture that you should have. A desk is a place for working where people can comfortably sit down and get focused on his or her working. In addition, you need to pay attention to select the size of the desk that will fit the room and make sure that it will not limit the space.

  1. PC

Another basic equipment that you will need is the PC. Your PC comes as storage that will save and record all the things related to your business. Then, if you plan to run a business, this is must thing to have. Moreover, you will need an internet that will ease the communication of your business. Make sure that you select the one with a good quality processor.

  1. Printer

Printer comes after PC as the basic equipment that you should have. In order to install the printer, make sure that you have printer drivers that are suitable for the type of printer that you have. This printer will help you to print out the paper which is needed for work.

  1. Fax Machine

In the matter of communication, the fax machine is comfortable for business. This helps you to receive the data from your colleague or customers quickly.

  1. Telephone

Another communication device that you should have for your business is the telephone. Having communication via phone is more comfortable as you can have it directly with the one that you are talking to.

  1. Scanner

In running a business, sometimes you are required to send the scanned file by mail. Therefore, you need to have a scanner as the basic equipment for your business. Moreover, now you can have a printer which is equipped with a scanner and copier so, it is better to have all in one printer.

  1. Stationery

This one comes as another important equipment that you should have. You need to list out the stationery that you need such as, pens, pencil, ruler and so on.

  1. Document holder

This one will be needed to store all your document paper.

  1. Screen projector

This equipment is good to have so that you can still use it for a presentation in a meeting.

  1. Calculator

This one is needed when you need to calculate things like margin or something.

Those are 10 basic equipment that you will need to build a small office. PC, a printer with printer drivers, fax machine are several office things that you should have. They will help you to work smoothly and support all the flow of your business. Then, get them all to your list!

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Android Camera Phone

Lately, the quality of the camera features has been used as one of the main strengths for manufacturers when offering their smartphone products. In fact, some well-known brands have created smartphone products that specifically have advantages over camera features. The decision of these producers seems very appropriate. Because smartphone products that have high-quality camera features are also in fact very in demand by consumers.

Determination of How Good the Camera Phone Is

In the midst of the presence of many camera smartphone products, of course, it would be quite difficult to determine which smartphone has the best camera quality in its class. Therefore, the Journal Apps in this article will summarize some points that you can pay attention to when choosing a camera on a cellphone.

  1. Sensor

The sensor is the main component that is owned by the camera to capture the reflection of light, which will later be translated into digital images. Therefore, when determining the quality of a camera, the first thing to consider is the quality of the sensor.

The more sensitive the sensor a camera has, the better the ability to capture light. That way, the camera can translate every light caught in more detail and more perfectly.

  1. Megapixel

One thing that is usually used by many users when determining the quality of a camera is megapixels. In fact, megapixels are a unit of resolution which if it means the greater the value you have, the camera will produce photos with an increasingly high resolution.

What becomes a problem, the size of the sensor on the camera of the cellphone is so small that it is actually not suitable if it has a large resolution or megapixels. In fact, according to Digital Photo Secrets, if you only use cellphone photos for activities on social media, then the 5MP resolution is actually enough to accommodate the activities you are doing.

  1. Flash

Flash is one of the important features, but it is often ignored by some people. Choosing a cellphone that has a special flashlight will make you able to make photo creation more freely, and of course, you can produce better quality photos.

  1. Aperture

Aperture or aperture (shutter) on the lens is one other factor that can determine the good or bad shots of a camera. The bigger the Aperture is used, the more light will enter. As a result, the photos will become more detailed and can get a better bokeh effect.

  1. Camera application

Default camera applications are also worth considering when choosing a smartphone camera. Because each default application that owned by a smartphone usually has different features. However, make sure that the professional or manual mode is in the default camera application that you are looking for.

Because the users of professional mode or manual correctly can provide the results of a photo like a reliable photographer. You can adjust the focus, shutter speed to ISO in this manual mode. After the image sensor, the second most important image resolution.

The more pixels an image has, the more details the camera can capture. Usually, relatively large image sensors will have a large image resolution too. For example, the Sony Experia Z1 has a 20MP resolution, and the Nokia Lumia 1020 has a resolution of 41 MP. The fewer pixels, the fewer details and if cropped/cut the image will break.

Several Things to Do to Make Custom Logo Design

In order to start your entrepreneur business, logo and brand are two major things that you need to be concerned with. Here what you have to do is hire someone who can create a custom logo design as you want. Creating custom logo means that you may have the logo as the same as your ideas. Hence, you can get satisfied once you have the result.

The Importance of Company Logo

Why getting on a logo is important? For those who start the business, the logo is something mandatory to be owned as it is the identity of your business. People may recognize your business from the logo. Moreover, if your business is getting successful, it is so much easier for the people to know about it from your logo.

Steps to Do Custom Company Logo

Therefore, if you plan to create a logo for branding, just hire someone that is expert to create a custom logo design. Here is the list that you need to do:

  • Tell your business

The first thing that you have to do is tell him/here the identity of your business, such as, the name of the company, tagline, website, the style of the logo, or any kind of things that the creator ask for. This will be needed to determine how the logo will be.

  • Share your ideas

In order to get a custom logo design, your ideas are needed as well. Here you need to share if you have any ideas so that the creator will understand how the logo will be made. It gets him or her easier in creating the logo. In addition, sometimes logo has meaning with particular objects in it. Therefore, you need to consider an object that has lots of meanings related to your company.

  • Deal with the cost

In order to get the custom logo, you have to mind the cost that you should expense. Since this is custom so that you need to find the creator that offers an affordable price. Do not forget to ask for the price and the advantage that you will have. This would be good if you compare first from one to another so that you may find out which the best one that you should have.

  • Think of What You Get

Since you pay for this custom design, it is better for you to know the details of what you will get. Of course, someone who is open to accepting order will explain about the good things or the facility that you can get by hiring him or her. If the designer offers guarantee just in case If you are not satisfied with his or her designs, this one might be considered as the best one that you can choose.

Thus, those are several tips when you like to have a custom logo for your company. There are lots of freelance or professional designers that you can find on the internet. All you have to do is selecting the one that you think he or she is the best. Pick the best one for a custom logo design for your company.

10 Useful Tips for the Beginner Traveler 2019

Who doesn’t like to take a walk? Visiting a new place and enjoying the atmosphere outside the routine is certainly fun, especially for those of you who really enjoy traveling. If indeed you want to start being adventurous and make it a compulsory activity, thankfully it produces, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to.

Things You Must Know to Begin the Journey

When you become a traveler, you are not just to let go of fatigue and make yourself happy with the journey you are going through. You must be good at telling and taking interesting pictures to share stories. But, before you think about how you tell the journey, there are things that you must understand before starting the journey.

  1. Start from an easy place

Starting from an easy place here, the location is close, access is easy, language is understandable, and costs are affordable. For example, if you live in Jakarta, you can start traveling to Bogor, or Cirebon, Bandung, West Java, and the surrounding area. Detail your trip so that it can be interesting information for others.

If you choose a tourist destination abroad, start from a country that has the same language, for example to Malaysia or Brunei Darussalam. Visa-free countries are also an attractive choice because you don’t have to bother taking care of them.

  1. Communication

Connecting to many people through the Internet is a must. Imagine how futile it would be if you couldn’t upload pictures on social media accounts at that time while enjoying a memorable experience in one place. So, make sure your cellphone network connection is always okay.

For those of you, who are traveling abroad, make sure the cellphone you use can work for SIM cards from various cellular operators. Mobile phones that are ‘factory unlock’ will make it easier for you to communicate wherever you are. Arrived in the destination country, select a provider that has a strong and stable signal even though you move and consider the price, too.

  1. The right bag

Bags that are used to travel to the mountains, to the beach, or to comfortable tourist attractions are certainly different. Sometimes you need to carry a backpack; there is also a comfortable place to carry a suitcase. Make sure you know the bag that is suitable for carrying all the equipment along the destination location.

  1. Bring the right equipment

When the bag is selected, it’s time to sort the contents of the bag. If you carry electronic equipment, choose a brief one and don’t eat a lot of space. For example, headphones are more practical to carry than a headset. Tablet computers can be an option rather than carrying a laptop.

  1. Packing technique

Pack this easily. Maybe at first, you want to bring all the items listed. Even if loaded into a bag, pay attention to the overall weight or weight. Make sure you don’t mind bringing it all because it will drain you and make you tired all the way.

  1. Data in the cloud

If the camera is left behind or the small memory card is tucked away somewhere, you don’t need to worry because all the data or travel documentation is stored in the cloud. Now there are many cloud computing data services that can be used anytime and anywhere, provided they are connected to the Internet.

  1. Download important applications

Interpretation services, maps, clock, and directions are applications that must be on the traveler’s mobile. Don’t forget, of course, social media accounts, of course.

  1. Choose a hostel rather than a hotel

Do not hesitate to choose a hostel because it can reduce the cost of lodging. Don’t think that the hostel is dirty, noisy and dangerous. Because out of there; there’re also many hostels with good service. What is important, you must hunt for hostels that have a good reputation based on the experiences of other travelers.

  1. Lock the cellphone

Make sure your cellphone is locked when traveling, especially to areas that are quite vulnerable. Avoid bagging a cellphone or carrying it in a public place to avoid mugging. Even if it’s bad luck, you can expect the thief can’t access the data on the cellphone. If necessary, download the anti-theft application on your mobile and always activate the tracker feature.

  1. Take care and stay alert

When traveling, remember that we are visiting someone else’s area. Take care and stay alert to the new people you meet. Not a prejudiced intention, but preventing is better than it already happened right?

What You Should Prepare to Visit Bali for the First Time

Bali is an island of paradise where people around the world like to enjoy all the things here. If you are in Bali and like to see how Gili Island is, now the transportation is getting so much easier. There is a fast boat ticket Bali to Gili that you can purchase in advance so that the itinerary will be going as your plan. This helps you so much, especially if you are visiting Bali for the first time.

Bali and Gili Island are close to each other so that if you like to see more stunning sea view, those places are interesting to visit. Here you may need about 7 days if you want to visit a full area in Bali and add 3 days more in Gili Island. Those times would be the perfect holiday for you. Moreover, the transportation is getting convenient now so that if you are prior to joy in a trip, the following tips would help you so much.

Things to Prepare Before You Go

In order to create a joyful holiday, you need to have some preparation as follows:

  • Plan itinerary

The itinerary is pretty important if you like to visit a place. Here, you can make a plan and estimate the cost and time that you will need. Bali has so many places to visit, so think about where places that you like to visit for the most. In addition, if you are first time visiting Bali, you need to browse more about Bali area to estimate the time from your hotel to the destination that you will visit.

  • Mind the transportation

Transportation would be the second thing that you have to think about. During your holiday in Bali, you can rent a motorcycle to ease you visit so many places and also save the cost. Then, when you like to see Gili island, it is better to take fast boat ticket Bali to Gili. It is suggested to book it first so that you do not need to queue in the day you go to Gili Island.

How to Book Fast Boat

Here is the step to book fast boat ticket Bali to Gili:

  1. Visit the site
  2. Pick where you will depart from and the destination that you will go to.
  3. Select the date. Here you can also book the return ticket by clicking ‘return’ on the available button.
  4. Then, fill how many persons that will book the ticket.

For your information, you are not able to book the ticket less than 24 hours. Hence, it would be better to book it in advance.

  • Prepare the personal stuff

Make sure that you already prepare the stuff that you need. Since Bali has tropical weather, so you can just wear any light clothes. Do not forget to bring your swimwear since you need to enjoy the beautiful beaches here.

Hence, those are the tips that will help you to get a joyful holiday in Bali and Gili island. Do not forget to book fast boat ticket Bali to Gili earlier so that you can enjoy the premium boat there.

Try These Tips to Decorate Your First Home Adorable!

Thinking about home decoration, there will be many interesting things about it. Decorating a home is very exciting, especially when it is about decorating your first home. You might have a plan for perfect decoration, but sometimes it is limited with the budget. To help you with decorating your home with beautiful yet affordable decoration, please read the following tips!

Tips of Affordable Decoration for Your First Home

Having adorable home decoration for your first home is something exciting. Yet, sometimes we are too enjoy to make a plan without considering about the budget. Remember that we should think more about the budget so that the decoration can be done perfectly without being worry about the budget. To get that affordable decoration, here are the tips for you!

  • Trying DIY Project Decoration

DIY Project decoration can be one solution of your affordable decoration project. Deciding to do DIY decoration will make you realize that you do not need to pay for the employee. You only need to focus on the materials and the way to finish your project.

Some examples of DIY Project for your home decoration can be for your accessories. For example, you can make some DIY frame and other wall decoration. You also can make your DIY project for any properties or many more.

  • Considering Old Things to be Re-Used

The other way to reduce the use of your budget is by using the old things. You do not need to throw away all things that you think too old since you still can reuse it. For example, you can use your old can, and then paint it and use it for pot.

This is the other way to use your creativity for decorating your home. Even though you might do not have many luxury things, you still can put unique things and much other creativity as the part of your home decoration. So, your home will still look stunning with those unique decorations.

  • Choosing Right Paint Colour

If you think that you are do not have enough budget or enough time to make your creative decoration, choosing the right paint color can be a solution. Choose the right color combination to make your rooms look gorgeous. If you do not want to combine too many colors, you can decide to choose the plain color but the stunning one.

By choosing the right color, even though you might still only have some simple accessories, it will be good and even look cool for the decoration. So, to make a simple but interesting decoration, choosing the right paint color is the right thing to start. Then, what is your choice of color?

By trying those tips, you will have your solution about budgeting on your decoration project. You do not have to worry that your first home because it will still stunning without too expensive budgeting. You even can use more of your creativity by having more innovation to have such affordable decoration for your first home. So, what do you think about those tips for affordable home decoration? For more info about home decoration, you might want to visit

The 5 Keys of Success in Your Life

Seeing other people being successful is frustrating, especially if you don’t have the same level of success. But, have you think of what success really is? Success depends on what you define them. There are various definitions of success, which will make you feel different from other people. But, the achievements of others might distract you from enjoying your process. In this case, you can try some things you can do to get the right thing done. When it comes to you to try being a successful person, you need to be ready to commit to your life.

How To Start A Successful Life And Being Happy

You are the only thing you need in your life. Choosing the right thing to do your life will never fail to keep you happy. In this case, you can start being a successful person by choosing some steps that will boost the quality of your life. Here are some of the important things you can get:

  1. When you do your life, make sure you seek more knowledge, not solely the result. Although having a satisfying result is a good thing, you will get more satisfaction by getting the result from the process. The knowledge will never fail to make you awesome and it can help you in crisis time.
  2. Some people are focusing their projects on motivation. But, you need to keep committed and get the best commitment in your life rather than only motivating yourself. Committing means you will do your things persistently although you are doing them just a little.
  3. Some people think that the process of pursuing success is always rough. In fact, you can still have fun when you deal with the process. In this case, you can also choose the best way to start committing to the dream without making it boring. Keeping it fun is what you need to end the game well.
  4. You will also need to be creative and innovative. Don’t get into stagnation when you choose the journey. It might be long and rough, but you will need to free yourself from the stagnant condition. Especially for the thoughts, you need to be really selective to engaging in some conversations.

Those are the things you can consider when you want to be happy in choosing the work. In this case, you might want to try some of those methods to be success and happiness. So, you will never regret being one of those happy people.

Tips For Striving Yourself To Be Better

A better self is the start of a better life. So, the first thing you can do is to strive yourself to pursue success. In this case, being successful doesn’t always have the connotation of heaps of gold and fame. In some cases, you might want to be happily enjoying your life. Therefore, you can choose some things to keep your happy days during the process. The key to being successful is believing in yourself. When you have done the best, just let God does the rest.

The Importance of Insurance for Your LIfe

Nowadays, insurance is really needed for our life as it gives us protection and advantages. In order to find the best insurance company, Nationwide Insurance is the one that you can count on. Once you get Nationwide Log In, you will enjoy the easy access in 24/7. This is super good, right? Wherever you are and everywhere you go, you can get the access through online process. Hence, it lets you get the personal management in handling your account and no need assistant to process. Moreover, you can also get the quick response in claiming the insurance policy anytime.

What is Nationwide Insurance?

What is National Insurance? This company is actually awarded as the great American Insurance company which has more than 33,000 employees in its 5 branch offices so far. This company has been known for its super good reputation in order to protect your life and assets. You can have a good life when all is well protected. Hence, if you are looking for an insurance company that understands you, Nationwide Insurance is the trusted one.

Why is It Important?

In order to get extra protection for anything that you have, including your health, it would be better for you to understand the importance of insurance based on what you need as the following steps. After you become a member and get a Nationwide Log In, you can enjoy the benefits.

  • Prepare the Worst Thing

The purpose of having insurance is preparing for the worst thing when it comes to you. We all never know when the bad day come to your life like being hospitalized, car accident, and so on. All the things need extra money to recover. Therefore, having insurance is the best answer that you can go. By getting into Nationwide Log In, you can enjoy the features and manage your account easily.

  • Budgeting Your Finance

Everyone has a future plan such as marriage, buying home or cars so that extra money is completely needed. Being a member of Nationwide Insurance lets to not only have protection but you can also enjoy investing. This company offers investment with good interests so that you can make this as the best investment place that you can choose.

  • Get a Good Life

Living with good financial management does really make you get a good life. Once you have a bad day which let you expenses extra money, then insurance will come to cover it all. In addition, you can prepare all the plan earlier so that it will come in timely mannered. Then, go through Nationwide Log In so that you can find the good things there.

Thus, is it good right to have insurance in your life? If you are interested to be a member of Nationwide Insurance, you can just sign up to its website. Enjoy the easy and quick access in 24/7 after you get into Nationwide Log In. You yourself will manage your account and you can have assistant through the hotline anytime you need. Insurance does make your life better.