New And Innovative Technology In Cars

If we talk about automotive, it will be about technological developments. Not only the technology on the engine system only. But also, in terms of the car’s performance and comfort features. Do not forget also from the security aspect, there will usually be a variety of things that are updated in 2022 Toyota Tundra. If we look at the Toyota car, for example, which has introduced a car with the LQ concept. The concept of this car is an update, namely the Toyota Concept-I. In this car concept, there are various kinds of technology that really support comfort.

Get To Know Some Innovative Technology In Cars

In the following information, we will discuss what technology updates you better understand. Because of this new technology, it makes the car more comfortable and safer to drive.

  1. ‘Communication’ between engine and rider

The roof and floor area can be used better in modern cars. Like Toyota, the LQ concept has this one technology. It is an intuitive communication platform between the car and the driver. Such as informing road conditions to passengers and drivers. You do this by going through the DMD feature, namely the Digital Micromirror Device. By using the DMD feature, driving is definitely safer. This 2022 Toyota Tundra feature is mounted on the headlights. The way it works is by using a million tiny mirrors. From the small mirror, it will project the appearance of the road terrain that will be traversed to the driver.

  • AR – HUD access feature

To create features like driving in the future, car brands like Toyota, for example, work with technology companies. Namely, to be more precise, such as implementing advanced features, namely AR – HUD or “Augmented Reality Head-up Display”. The application of this advanced technology itself is in collaboration with the Panasonic Corporation. Then this technology also supports safer driving, which reduces the eye movement of the driver. Then information on road signs, including lane warnings, can be more precise too. The route will also be displayed in three dimensions on a large screen.

  • OLED dashboard

Famous car product brands will usually introduce an intuitive dashboard with an instrument panel that uses a quality OLED or Organic LED screen. There is also a sophisticated panel design that offers better visibility for the driver while traveling. Besides that, there is a brighter display too and it can be seen clearly. The advantage of this feature will make the driver able to read various information on the dashboard panel more clearly. In addition, there are many other advanced technologies that exist in cars today.

  • Cabin Air Technology

The air feature in the cabin will create a new catalyst layer and can break down ozone to become oxygen. The result is ozone at the ground surface can decompose when the 2022 Toyota Tundra is moving. This feature can make both the driver and the passenger feel more comfortable. This is because the air circulation can be healthier. That’s all and hopefully it can be useful for all of you.