Seeing the Future through Printer and Photocopier Technology

Welcome to Softdownup! In this occasion, we will talk about the trend in printer and photocopier that’s become supported with many forms of the latest technology.

The Latest Advances in Printer and Photocopier

The tool hasn’t quitted on being developed even after each ground-breaking inventions. And as far as we concern, there are some things that indicate the latest advances in printer and photocopier:

  • Touchscreen panels

Softdownup believes that the tiniest bit of technology development we can witness on a modern printer and photocopier starts from having them come in touchscreen control panels. Each day, the panels are getting more sophisticated. And just like smartphones, we can control the devices with accommodative menus as well.

  • Mobile printing

Related to the previous point, the technology development we can see on a printer and photocopier starts to allow us to print from literally anywhere. From operating without having no bottom attached, it is also possible to connect the tool with our other device, like mobile phone. Without having any difficulty, printing from distance should never become a problem.

  • Cloud printing

Talking about distance printing, we should start to be familiar as well with the concept of cloud printing. The concept means printing files that are actually on cloud storage, or in other words, stored online. By doing such action, using a computer will be just for accessing the online storage. Printing files from the offline storage will no longer be necessary.

  • 3D printing

These days, the popularity of 3D printers and photocopiers have started to rise among people. As the products becoming more versatile, applications that useful to do 3D printing can also be easily found. Both also come in more affordable prices, so more and more users can actually use this kind of tool for their various needs, such as printing models.

  • More connectivity choices

If having more connection ports isn’t a form of refinery anymore, we can start to expect that the tool may come in without any cable or port. It is possible to welcome wireless printers, Bluetooth printers, or any other type that makes it wireless and contactless. Since touchscreen and cloud printing are trending, more choices on printer connectivity can also hit the market as soon as possible.

  • Print-on-demand

As time goes by and people’s need tend to get more diverse, we want printers and photocopiers that are reliable for large-scale projects, for example books, commercial files, mails, and transactional or administrational documents. And we are going to have it these days! Versatile tools with print-on-demand option for heavy duties are coming down to replace old type of printing.

  • Digital Inkjet Printing

Last but not least, the Digital Inkjet Printing particularly represents what the actual advances are found on a modern printer and photocopier. Softdownup has seen so many tools with this kind of feature, and we realize that it’s really time to fully rely on fast inkjet printing modes, and printers with high-end quality of colors and graphics. This procedure also gives a lot opportunity for more people having primary results of prints, like for art projects.