The Best Pros and Cons of 5G Technology

The advancement of technology helps people in many aspects. The famous technology that is being talked about is 5G technology. In the wireless communication sector, this technology is known to provide the fastest internet connection.

Why Is Lamppost Needed?

As explained in this site, the lamp post is the best tool to use so people can transmit the 5G connection. The lamppost is chosen because the installation of 5G technology needs something masts taller to put the antenna so people can enjoy the internet easily. That is why; the term 5G lamp posts become the trending topic nowadays because there is two argued opinion of it. Some of the people agree to install 5G technology in the lamppost, the rest of them do not.

Why Do People Agree?

It cannot be denied that the existence of 5G lamp posts will enlighten people’s world. This is the era of the internet. Humans’ life depends on the Internet. It is accurate that life without the Internet is desolate. Any kinds of business require the Internet. Even, people are longing for the Internet to satisfy their basic needs such as eating. That is the reason why installing them is a must for them. Thus, they can dive the Internet everywhere they go easily. The lamppost will not only enlighten their way from the darkness but also enlighten their way to happiness.

Moreover, the news that these tools will not cause any harm to them now and in the future will ensure them to approve the establishment 5G in the lamppost. Furthermore, if what people are scared of will be real, they just have to deal with them by trying to minimize the exposure of 5G radiation by using a jacket or long-sleeve clothes. They will not choose to avoid by removing the antenna in lamppost since they, in fact, need the Internet.

Why Do People Disagree?

The reason why people are against installing 5G lamp posts is they believe that the ray of the lamp post will cause an undeniable burning sensation. The wave of them can shape radiation exposure and breakthrough people’s skin. Their skin will no longer be the same. Their skin will get oxidative damage that makes their skin unhealthy. Eventually, they will affect the age of people’s skin and make them grow older faster.

Some sources say that the ray can also disrupt people’s cell metabolism. The longer people stand under the lamppost, the quicker they can suffer a serious problem. It can be happened in a short time or in the future. One of the examples is the quality of sleep will be reduced because the ray can disturb people to be able to sleep well. If people are spoiled by this ray, their DNA can be broken and they can get cancer in the worst case.

Those different opinions circles in human’s discussion. People grant the 5G lamp posts because they need the Internet as if it becomes their basic need. People oppose these tools because they believe these can give them bad impact on their health.