This Is How Pool Filtration System Work

Having a swimming pool of course also has to be prepared by buying water filtration. The purpose of using a filter is to keep the water in the pool clean without sand. Because swimming pool water is prone to drinking, especially by children. so you have to install filtration in your swimming pool.

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The Pool Filter and How It Works

The way the pool filter works is that dirty water is sucked in by the pool pump. In filter mode, dirty water will enter the filter chamber.

With the pressure of the pool pump, the water will be pressed from above and enter the collection of filter tube sand.

Swimming pool dirt particles will be retained by the silica sand in the filtration tube. And large dirt particles will be stuck on the top surface. The sand will filter out the finer dirt on the bottom layer of the filter sand.

  • Multipot and Glass Control

In the multiport section, there is a glass control that is useful for determining the length of the pool filter washing process. When going through the backwash process, the dirty water in the filtration tube will pass through the control glass.

So you can guess how long this process will take. The water that will be produced from this filtration is clean water because all the dirt has been stuck in the silica sand.

  • Pressure gauge

It is located next to the multiport. This tool serves to determine the amount of water flow pressure in the filter. There are several limits for water pressure that must not be exceeded.

If the water pressure increases above the last nominal value of the backwash filter, this is an indication that the pool filter must be cleaned.

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  • Lateral

Inside the pool filter there is a lateral or slot shaped tube with a striped hole around it.

This tool is useful for holding the filtering sand from getting out into the swimming pool and as a channel for the return of clean water to the pool after going through the filtration process.

If there is damage to this tool, the filtration sand will come out into the pool again. There is a limit to the capacity of the pool filter to hold dirt. So you have to do the washing regularly.

  • Underdrain or Disposal

At the bottom of the pool filter tube there is an underdrain or exhaust. This tool serves to remove water in the filter when you want to replace the silica sand.

It is in this dumpsite that all small and large waste will be filtered and removed.

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